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Litigation Copying

Litigation (Legal Printing and Copying)

SJ Printer offers a full range of litigation copying services for its clients. Whether you have a high volume copy request that needs to be done immediately, or you just want a quality, full-color copy, we're here to help.
We can turn your litigation documents around quickly while ensuring total accuracy and confidentiality. We'll match your originals as closely as possible, with considerations to size, color, format, folds, and stapling. We'll work around the clock if necessary to complete your job accurately and on time.

We categorize our copying services by the level of difficulty and ease of production.

Light Document Production:
Originals that are easily fed through a scanner/copier. These may have some stapled and clipped sections, but for the most part are good quality, same sized originals.

Medium Document Production:
Originals with mostly stapled and clipped sections of similar sizes, including file folders and tabs which need to be copied. These jobs require more handling and organization. Occasionally, small receipts or smaller sized originals may be mixed in, but not enough to slow down the job.

Heavy Document Production:
The majority of the originals are mixed sizes, such as receipts, envelopes, half-pages, large format plans and drawings. These documents may also be poor contrast documents that require adjustments to produce an acceptable copy. Originals may need to be unbound and rebound in order to copy. In some case the spines may need to be removed (upon client approval). This type of work may also require only specific sections to be copied, requiring the operator to sort through originals.

Glass Work:
When at least half of the originals require the operator to place the document directly on the copier glass for copying. Extremely poor originals such as a fax paper, odd-sized originals, receipts, etc., that require extensive handling and analysis on a page-by-page basis in order to produce a high quality copy. Also, when spines can not be removed and a book needs to be copied page by page on the glass.


Once documents have been scanned and the images "burned" onto CDs, paper copies—blowbacks—can then be printed for distribution. This process protects the original documents from damage through repeated handling or copying, and also allows for quick access and document reproduction whenever necessary.
SJ Printer supports almost all image file formats and can produce blowbacks of almost any image file document

Bates Labeling

This is the process of numbering pages in sequence. SJ Printer paginates according to customer's requirements. Electronic pagination is available on scanned images or the standard bates label may be attached to the document.

Court Exhibit Boards / Trial Graphics

Contracts, letters, charts, photos, and depositions can be enlarged with color! Photos, slides, charts and graphs from 8.5"x11" to 60"x12'!

Sometimes, the jury needs help in understanding your arguments. The best way to reach them is through compelling, colorful trial graphics that tell your side of the story.

SJ Printer has the expertise to turn your arguments into award-winning graphics using a variety of software applications from Publisher and PowerPoint to Photoshop and Illustrator. When we're done, we can create large size graphics for the courtroom, colorful handouts, or just take our graphics and mesh them into your digital presentation to effectively demonstrate your case.

MOUNTING - Make your exhibits stand up in court. Foam - Core and Gator Foam mounting up 4x8 feet…no bubbling, wrinkling, peeling or hassles.

Scanning / Archiving / Digital Media Duplication

A CD can typically hold about 12,000 images or the equivalent of seven file boxes of paper documents. With our Document Imaging solutions, we can convert your files into manageable and searchable electronic formats, unlocking the true value of your information.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
OCR is the electronic translation of images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text, captured by a scanner, and converted into readable and editable text.

The CD/DVD duplication process "burns" your content directly onto another CD or DVD. We also offer full color and B&W printing directly to the media, inserts, mailers, packaging and more...

Binding and Finishing

• Unibind, coil, saddle stitch, GBC
• Custom covers
• Cutting & padding
• Three-hole punch
• Chicago screw post
• Collate and staple in corners
• Fasteners, folders and covers
• Assembly, kit creation, and fulfillment
• Folding, scoring, and perforation
• Laminated covers
• Velo binding

Pick Up and Delivery

Whether it's one location or ten, we can help coordinate all of the pick-ups, copying, and delivery of originals and copies.
If "now" Is when you need it, no one is faster or more efficient than SJ Printer.

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